OMA Integrated Relocation Management

The Employee Experience

Relievestress & minimize downtime.

Did you know that moving ranks 3 in the top 5 stressors someone experiences in their life?

The logistics of your relocation are critical, but your organization is at risk if you are not focusing on the employee experience. The last aspect of the project anyone should remember is the move …

Our proprietary Integrated Relocation Management© process provides your organization the best possible solution for a seamless and successful result. While building out a great space on-time and under budget is important, providing your employees with the information they need to be effective throughout the life of the project is paramount.

Minimize Downtime & Enhance Employee Experience

Integrated Relocation Management

ElevateYour Project Experience.

Our team prepares, administers, and executes solutions across complex relocation and decommissioning projects, while taking on as much (or as little) of the project as your team requires. We orchestrate the entire process through our Launch, Consult, Activate, Monitor, Close, and Restore delivery model. Providing internal teams and external service providers a seamless transition across all industries.

  • Fully Integrated Transition Management
  • Internal Team & External Provider Coordination
  • Relocation Schedule Development & Management
  • Customized Internal Communication Plan
  • Document Management & Purge Program
  • Employee Data Tracking & Reporting
  • Strict Budget & Vendor Management (SLA & KPI)
  • Detailed Logistics Development
  • Physical Relocation Activity Oversight
  • Day-one Post Relocation Support & Triage
  • Post Relocation Survey & Lessons Learned Analysis
  • Restoration Requirement Coordination & Management
Eric Stang - President, Integrated Relocation Management

Eric H. Stang

President- Integrated Relocation Management

I will be your "one hand to shake" and serve as an extension to you and your company - providing a higher quality, lower cost value proposition.

Reach out today and see how we can elevate your experience.

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